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Sand dune cliff November 18, 2012
OC cand. signs November 7, 2012
longline 2 November 4, 2012

Sun Is Out, Ocean City, MD, Is Open For Business

October 31, 2012


The sun came out today, Wednesday, in Ocean City, Maryland. We are truly blessed. Ocean City is back in business. Hurricane Sandy is gone. Baltimore Avenue is clear and dry and all lanes open to traffic. Philadelphia Avenue and the Coastal Highway are clear and dry (except for a few remaining puddles), and open to traffic […]

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Ocean City Survived Hurricane Sandy With Relatively Light Damage

October 30, 2012


PICNIC CANCELLED DUE TO HURRICANE. This is shoreline flooding at the edge of Sinepuxent Bay in West Ocean City Monday afternoon, as we experienced wind, rain and storm surge from Hurricane Sandy offshore in the Atlantic. Note, this photo was taken at LOW TIDE! Flooding was more extensive at high tide Monday morning, and again Monday evening. However, the Monday evening flooding was not as bad as I expected, due to strong wind pushing against the tide.

UPDATE — SURREAL AFTER-THE-STORM PHOTOS FROM OCEAN CITY AT WORK IN PROGRESS Today is a good day to give thanks to God. The Eastern Shore of Maryland has come through Hurricane Sandy with no reported fatalities on the Shore. The Route 50 Bridge and the Route 90 Bridge are open. Public transportation is being restored […]

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Ocean City Hurricane Update 10 p.m. Monday night

October 29, 2012


A car navigates a flooded West Ocean City Street shortly after high tide Monday morning.

10 p.m. Monday. Good news: No injuries or deaths reported today in the Ocean City area. Some minor damage to buildings, but no major property damage confirmed so far, except for the large Ocean City fishing and amusement pier. I’m surprised that, at least in my neighborhood of West Ocean City, this evening’s high tide […]

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Ocean City Town Elections And A New Strategic Plan

October 22, 2012



Ocean City is in the middle of a watershed town election campaign. More candidate signs all over town than I ever remember seeing before. The mayor and four council members will be elected on Tuesday, Nov. 6. This is the first time Ocean City’s nonpartisan town election will be held on the same day as […]

Free Flu Shots, Fall 2012, Scheduled by Atlantic General Hospital

October 7, 2012


We have seen the future of health care, and it will look a lot like flu shots. Which is pretty cool! Atlantic General Hospital in Berlin, Maryland, has announced the schedule for its fall 2012 Free Flu Shot Clinics. This year, free flu shots will be available at clinics at the Atlantic General Hospital on […]

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In-State Tuition for Immigrant Children Is A Win-Win

March 15, 2011


Maryland Statehouse in Annapolis. Wikimedia Commons Photo

The Maryland State Senate has passed a bill allowing children of “illegal immigrants” to pay the in-state tuition rate at Maryland community colleges. It’s reported that this might burden Maryland taxpayers, eventually. The concern is unnecessary, because it’s based on a  misunderstanding of the so-called costs. Just my opinion. First, seems to me a bit old-fashioned […]

Crash at 17th St. & Philadelphia Ave — Police Van

July 21, 2013


Several people were injured when a police van collided with a passenger vehicle late Saturday night at the intersection of Philadelphia Avenue and 17th Street in Ocean City, MD. Accident photos.

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Coastal Flood Warning For Maryland; No Snow In Ocean City

March 6, 2013


A coastal flood warning will remain in effect for Ocean City, Maryland, throughout Wednesday and Thursday and into Friday. Some flooding is possible, especially around high tides. No snow in Ocean City and most of the Eastern Shore. Rain. Rain. Rain. And winds 25 mph or so and gusting higher. The most notable aspect of […]

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Maryland Coastal Flooding Possible Wednesday and Thursday

March 6, 2013


Light rain falling in West Ocean City at midnight Wednesday morning. Strong winds associated with Winter Storm Saturn are expected to push water toward Ocean City, Maryland, all day Wednesday and into Thursday. Winds will be coming straight out of the east on Wednesday and then continuing from the north/northeast as the storm moves up […]

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